Program Manager - Sponsorships

Position Name/Title:  Program Manager of Sponsorships

Position Description:  The Program Manager of Sponsorships will be responsible for seeking strategic partners for the chapter in the form of a sponsor. Some partners may be strictly donating money while other may barter or be negotiated for special discounts on items of kind for consideration within our chapter either via emails to the members, mention in the newsletter, presence at our meeting, etc.

Required Skills:

  • Good oral and written communication skills a must.
  • An understanding of tax incentives for sponsors for a non-profit (will provide info from Finance as well as training if necessary).
  • An outgoing personality comfortable requesting funding or negotiating barter terms.
  • An openness to having fun volunteering with your peers and giving back to the PMILIC community.

Respecting each volunteers time the goal is for a maximum of 10 hours a month once the position is established, and the volunteer fulfilling it is comfortable with the process.  However,  the initial investment to determinsponsorship 'target' list, strategies of approach, and provide training if needed on how to determine you are associating with the proper decision maker when soliciting a corporate or individual sponsor, additional startup time may be needed.

Stay Informed!